Behavioral Health Services

Hamilton’s experienced multidisciplinary staff is committed to the behavioral health of our community. Our staff works as a team to help those experiencing a wide range of difficulties from coping with depression or anxiety to confusion or memory problems or substance abuse issues. Our team is led by Veronica Williams, PhD, LMSW, Director of Behavioral Health. To see a Behavioral Health Specialist, you will first need to make an appointment with your Primary Care Provider. He or she will assess your needs and recommend if you should make an appointment with a Behavioral Health Specialist.

Onsite Family Independence Agency (FIA)

Professionals from the Family Independence Agency are located onsite at our Hamilton Health Centers. These caring individuals will work with you and your family to make sure your health care needs are being met.

Patient Assistance Workers

Patient Assistance workers are on staff to help locate and provide financial assistance to Hamilton patients.


For patient or visitor info, reach out to us.

Call us: (810) 406-4246.