2-Day Virtual Safety Forum

Hamilton Community Health Network’s Illuminating Community Change Project (IC2) and The M.A.D.E Institute to Co-Host Virtual Safety Forum on Decarceration, COVID-19 and Community Police Reform.

Flint, MI – July 16, 2020 – Hamilton Community Health Network’s Illuminating Community Change (IC2) project and The M.A.D.E Institute will co-host a 2-day virtual safety forum on Monday, July 20th and Tuesday, July 21st via Zoom.

Featuring Leon EL-Alamin, Executive Director of M.A.D.E Institute as well as Nadia C. Fischer, Founder and President of the Incarceration Relief Resource Center (IRRC) in Cincinnati, Ohio, and a host of community partners, the 2-day virtual forum will bring together local experts who work directly with people affected by incarceration, the criminal justice system and mental health and explore the impact of decarceration in community.

M.A.D.E Institute will lead the forum discussion on decarceration, COVID-19 and community police reform with Nadia Fischer, who through her work with IRRC, assists offenders to successfully re-enter their communities by helping provide housing, employment, education, access to effective mental health, chemical dependence and spiritual connectedness. To date, IRRC has been the conduit for the release of 102 returning citizens with 0% recidivism.

According to Leon El-Alamin, “Formerly incarcerated survivors can be allies in criminal justice reform and M.A.D.E Institute makes that possible with through its Empowering People Through Innovation & Knowledge (E.P.I.K) program; a green re-entry program that provides transitional housing, life skills peer-to-peer mentoring and education, health and wellness and skilled-trades construction training for returning citizens and high-risk youth in Flint.

Joining Hamilton Community Health Network and M.A.D.E Institute will be, Nation Outside, Motherly Intercession, the North Flint Neighborhood Action Council, City of Flint ReCAST and the North Flint Reinvestment Corporation.

IC2 project manager Sandra Johnson states that “North Flint residents return from prison into impoverished urban areas that are high in crime and unsafe. These areas have a shortage of transitional housing, job training opportunities leading to a lack of training surrounding basic life skills that can help recently released residents transition back into society. Programs such as M.A.D.E Institute offers support to these returning citizens in an effort to reduce crimes that are often associated with incarcerated citizens returning to live in the community.”

Other panelists include: Officer Quion Wheeler of the Flint Police Department, Deputy Deon Smith of the Genesee County Sherriff’s Department, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Jay Snodgrass of the Genesee County Prosecutor’s Office, Chief Terrence Green of Mt. Morris Township Police Department and a host of IC2 community partners.

Held virtually, this free forum is presented by Hamilton Community Health Network and sponsored by the Community Foundation of Greater Flint and M.A.D.E Institute.

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