Flint resident amazed by Hamilton’s ability to assist with insurance

Flint, MI – In Flint, the idea of going to another water distribution event has become a daily task for residents. For Carmen Drake, she did not know that this event would bring her to tears.

“You mean, I can get glasses?”

Drake faces what many other Americans face: she works a part-time job, and is not able to get insurance through her employer.

“I only work a couple days a week. I don’t have vision or dental [insurance], but I have medical.”

Carmen Drake became emotional when she learned she would not be turned away for vision services at Hamilton Community Health Network.

One Thursday afternoon, Drake commuted to Joy Tabernacle Church. The organization has continued to give out food and water to the community as Flint residents continue to battle with the water crisis. After Drake picked up her food and water, she walked across North Chevrolet Avenue to a house, located on the corner of West Dayton Street. This is Joy Tabernacle’s Wellness House. Marketing and Outreach Specialist Jasmine Brown greeted her at Hamilton’s resource table. That’s when the tears streamed down Drake’s face.

“I’m learning today that vision and dental services are available at Hamilton and I may be eligible. I’m so excited and full about it,” Drake explained as she took a tissue and wiped the tears running down her cheeks.

Drake already is a patient at Hamilton. She says she has been able to get assistance through Hamilton’s sliding fee scale.

“They worked with me and I was able to get some of my services free,” explained Drake. “I love my doctor.”

Drake has also used Hamilton’s pharmacy, but after her visit to the outreach table, she hopes to get vision and dental insurance.

“Hamilton has been a joy in my life and my health, even without maintaining a full-time job.”

For more information on insurances that Hamilton excepts and our sliding fee scale, visit our Financial Services page.

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