Civic Engagement

Because health is not just about going to the doctor and getting treated for ailments, it’s also about our life situation. When you don’t have a coat to walk to school in or if you’re homeless and only have a sweater, your health is directly impacted. That’s why we decided to provide some warmth to our less fortunate community members. We gave away many coats, over 100 pairs of gloves and dozens of hats for both children and adults this last month. Some of the locations we did this at were local events, such as our Dinner For Hope event, the Total Life Prosperity Warm All Winter event and during a block meeting at Rosewood Riverside. Here are some of the other ways Hamilton is leaving it’s footprint in the community!

Hamilton’s Homeless Outreach Coordinator, Dwayne Clemons, passing out resources at the Mclaren Health Care Community Fair!

Hamilton’s CEO Clarence Pierce joined Kristen Wolosonowich at the Hope For Flint studions in the Ferris Wheel in downtown Flint a few weeks ago. Take a listen as Mr. Pierce talks about where Hamilton has been and where it’s going.

THamilton’s Albert Ujkaj on the Kyyba Health & Life Podcast discussing the landscape of substance abuse in the community.

Hamilton’s Dr. Timothy Tellez discusses the opioid epidemic, click here to watch the show.

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