Cooking Matters

What are you cooking for dinner? If you want to shake things up, and produce a healthier meal for your family, Hamilton’s Cooking Matter’s Nutrition Class can help you do that. Choose a session, attend each class, and receive FREE groceries and a recipe book. Our course also teaches participants healthy snack tips, budgeting, portion control, food safety tips, and pantry and freezer organization.

Hamilton Community Health Network teams up with Michigan State University Extension and Michigan State University College of Human Medicine to provide this free class to patients. Healthy is a lifestyle, and this class teaches participants how they can incorporate the healthy lifestyle into their everyday routines. Cooking Matters students are encouraged to attend each class in order to receive the free groceries and recipe book.

Who Should Sign Up?

This class is for anyone who has a goal to change their eating habits. The meals introduced in Cooking Matters are great ideas for family meals and lunches. If you are looking for a more nutritious diet, this class is for you.

Registration is now available for Session Three!

Every Tuesday: May 7 – June 11
1:15 – 3 p.m.  |  Hamilton Main – OB Waiting Room
2900 N. Saginaw Street  Flint, MI 48505


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Our facility is prepared for the possible arrival of patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). We are committed to keeping patients safe and are taking the following steps to reduce the risk of COVID-19 in our patients and staff.


We are prepared to quickly identify and separate patients and families with symptoms of COVID-19. All patients and visitors will be screened upon entry to the facility and instructed to continue wearing a mask.


We are restricting visitor access to only those who are essential for the patient's care. Visitors will be screened for fever and symptoms of COVID-19 prior to entry. Visitors will be asked to wear their cloth face covering and limit their movement in the facility.


We are monitoring all staff for symptoms of COVID-19. We are instructing staff who have symptoms of COVID-19 (e.g., fever, cough. shortness of breath) to stay home and not come to work.


We are continuing our routine cleaning and disinfection procedures as these procedures are recommended for protecting patients from COVID-19 in health centers. Any surface, supplies, or equipment located within the patient area will continue to be disinfected or discarded between patients.


We are providing extra training for staff about the importance of hand hygiene, face masks, respiratory hygiene, proper use of PPE, cough etiquette and cleaning protocols.


We are encouraging patients and staff to share all questions and concerns related to COVID-19. Don't be afraid to use your voice. It is okay to ask staff questions about treatment changes and ways to protect yourself and your family.