Dr. Christina Gramith on Slip and Falls

Falls can lead to many serious injuries, even death. Our Christina Gramith, DO, explained on ABC 12 News what you should do after a fall.

“… if you have any lingering pain, whether that’s headaches, joint pain, any swelling, … go see your physician,” said Gramith. “If you are over the age of 65, I recommend you go in that same day to see your doctor.”

Some tips on how you can lessen your chances of falling

  • Get rid of throw rugs, laundry piles and unnecessary clutter on the floor
  • Put a non-slip mat, handrail, or safety bar and bench in your shower
  • Add handrails to stairways
  • Wear reliable shoes
  • Use a cane or walker if needed
  • ‘Shuffle walk’ on ice

Dr. Gramith is a primary care doctor that also specializes in OMT. She’s taking new patients, just call 810.406.4246 to make an appointment.

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