Hamilton selects Nurse Practitioner Shelia Thomas to serve as primary care provider at newest clinic

Born and raised in Flint, MI, Nurse Practitioner Sheila Thomas knew from a very early age that she wanted to work in medicine. After tragic circumstances left her mother paralyzed, Sheila took on the responsibility of caring for her mother and ensuring that her medical needs were met. This sparked the beginning of a 20+ year career in healthcare.

Shelia received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Ferris State University and from there completed her post grad training and clinicals at Hurley and right here at Hamilton Community Health Network. Fast forward to today, her full-time role at Hamilton Community Health Network is a Nurse Practitioner at Hamilton’s Burton clinic, where she is a provider in primary care and has been here for nearly 3 years.

Soon Nurse Thomas will be taking on a new assignment working as a nurse practitioner and sole medical provider at Hamilton’s newest clinic site, Hamilton-McFarlan. This site is constructed within the McFarlan Court Street Villages Senior Home where care will be provided to the residents of the senior facility. When asked about the value of working with seniors, Nurse Thomas stated that given all the health risks seniors can have and having worked with this demographic before, she wants to help provide the best possible care to help protect the health and wellness of seniors as they continue to age.

A few things Nurse Thomas is really wanting to emphasize in her time at McFarlan is the importance of consistent care and check-ups, knowing your heart health numbers, and building relationships with the patient base she is serving. “I am really excited to get started, knowing that this kind of quality care and can be brought to the senior population at McFarlan in a more convenient way is something I am thrilled Hamilton has committed to.”

If you are a resident at the McFarlan Court Street Villages and have questions about your medical care, call Hamilton Community Health Network at 810.406.4246.

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