Hamilton Community Health Network to open new clinic at McFarlan Court Street Village

Hamilton Community Health Network will soon unveil its 8th clinic in the McFarlan Court Street Villages Senior Home. The new clinic will provide primary care medical services to its residents, and the general public 8 AM-5 PM weekdays.

Hamilton chose to create a clinic within McFarlan due to the need of our senior community. The clinic provides convenient and accessible healthcare for seniors who need to see a medical provider. Seniors in many adult facilities around the country are struggling to receive medical care simply because of access issues.

“With adding the McFarlan location, Hamilton will get the opportunity to serve the senior population and enhance our versatility as an organization,” said Chief Executive Officer, Clarence R. Pierce. He stated that as Hamilton continues to grow, it will consistently look for ways to serve the needs of the community, such as convenient healthcare for the elderly. Hamilton board and staff are excited for the construction of the new health center. Dr. Michael Giacalone, Hamilton’s Medical Director, explained our medical professionals are looking forward to McFarlan’s residents receiving the same world-class care seen throughout all Hamilton’s clinics.

Hamilton’s willingness and desire to support our entire community is what separates Hamilton as a community health network. Residents of McFarlan, are also excited about Hamilton’s newest transition. During a tour of the facility, many residents expressed their excitement and appreciation to have the clinic open, which should happen in late spring or early summer.

For more information on the opening of Hamilton’s new clinic or other details, contact Marketing and Communications Director, Stacy Sawyer at 810-406-4246 ext. 4942.

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