Hamilton-McFarlan Brings Relief to Residents of McFarlan in the form of Convenient and Quality Healthcare

Hamilton-McFarlan is now open and in just a week’s time its impact is already immeasurable. Many of the residents of McFarlan have not been able to access health services and now Hamilton has bridged the gap to providing world-class care in the most convenient way possible for this demographic. One of the residents of McFarlan and current Hamilton Community Health Network patient, Kathleen Knott, shared her excitement for Hamilton’s newest clinic and how Hamilton has left a positive mark on her life.

Kathleen Knott, resident of the McFarlan Court Street Village Senior Home, has been a Hamilton patient since 1976 and states that the same compassion and care for patients that drew her in back then, still resides 45 years later. “I have 10 children and all of them were or are patients at Hamilton. The care and genuine concern that is shown from the doctors to the receptionists to the assistants has been constant over the years and I that is rare to see.”

When asked about Hamilton’s newest clinic inside of McFarlan, Kathleen said, “I was so excited and relived that this was finally happening, McFarlan needed this and not only did they need a health care organization, but they also needed doctors and nurses and staff that truly care about them.”

Hamilton-McFarlan opened its doors on July 1st and is providing primary care to the residents of the McFarlan Court Street Village Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm. Hamilton’s newest clinic will see Nurse Practitioner, Shelia Thomas, as its sole medical provider. Thomas, who is very excited about patients beginning to filter in says one of her goals is to start with getting patients in for their annual checkups. Here are a few reasons Nurse Practitioner Thomas says it’s important to get your annual checkup.

  • Establish your health status – It is important to get annual exams so doctors can assess your health and inform you of possible risk factors.
  • Stay current with preventative screenings – Whether it is an immunization or a screening to detect a health issue, getting an annual checkup will allow for preventative precautions to be administered.
  • Build a relationship with your doctor – When that relationship is established, your doctor can suggest healthy routines to help you keep your health in order and prevent constant illness.

If you live in or have loved ones at the McFarlan Court Street Villages call to set up your appointment today, 810.406.4246.

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