Illuminating Community Change Project (IC2)

No one wants to live in a dangerous community. Every parent, business owner and neighbor wants a safe, friendly area to reside in and raise their children.  In northern Flint, that reality is often hard to come by. Many residents remember a neighborhood that showed prosperity and reflected beauty. Today residents in north Flint have a longing of rebirth and are working together with Hamilton to make that a reality.Why Hamilton Community Health Network you ask? Because life circumstances, such as where you live, your access to healthy food, ability to go outside for a walk or just have your kids be able to go outside to play, affects your health and your family’s health. The reality is, if you have to choose between your safety and your medicine or health, most likely you’re going to choose your safety.

To help better the health of all Genesee residents, Hamilton was awarded a $1 million Community-Based Crime Reduction Grant by the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Assistance.  With this opportunity, HCHN will be working closely with community organizations in the north Flint community through the Illuminating Community Change Project, often referred to as IC2.

HCHN is working closely with the North Flint Neighborhood Action Council and numerous other community organizations to hear from the residents, learn what the residents need or want, and work with the residents to develop a safer and healthier neighborhood.

Efforts will be concentrated in:

The Pierson Road Commercial Corridor, where we will work to build entrepreneurship and economic opportunities. The overall goal is to reduce and prevent criminal activity, improve the appearance of the neighborhood, bring access to healthy food and wellness opportunities, and promote local business ownership.

Because of the concern of safety and crime in the Brownell Holmes neighborhood, IC2 will be working to build trust with local law enforcement and between neighbors. We hope to reduce gun violence, gang violence and repeat offences. IC2 will also partner with the local schools and parents to promote after-school programs, connect citizens with support for housing and employment, and work with the landlords.

River Park Apartments, Ridgecrest Village Townhouses and surrounding neighborhoods are often affected by assault, robbery, burglary, vandalism and drugs. IC2 and partnering organizations hope to engage residents to improve the quality of life in these communities. This could include the development of tenant councils and community activities.

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