National Health Center Week

For the past decade Hamilton Community Health Network has been bringing our community together with events such as Patient Appreciation Day, Family Fun Day, and Healthcare for the Homeless during the first couple of weeks in August. What many people don’t realize is that these events are in celebration of National Health Center Week (NHCW). While it may not be widely known, NHCW has been going on for 50 years now. This week is actually an annual celebration meant to raise awareness about health centers across the nation and the accomplishments and mission they share. Here is what the National Association of Community Health Centers had to say about NHCW:

“Community Health Centers serve as the beacon of strength, service, and care in their communities. In moments of pain and loss, they offer support and love. In moments of triumph, they offer hope and a vision for the future. Let’s come together this week to celebrate the roles Community Health Centers have played in both our recent moments of loss and triumph.  This National Health Center Week honors those front line providers, staff, and beloved patients who lost their lives during the (ongoing) COVID-19 pandemic. From the very beginning of the crisis, Community Health Centers began finding innovative ways to provide preventative and primary care to their patients.”

National Health Center Week also serves as an opportunity to educate people about the services within their own community that are available to them at very low cost. One of the main missions of health centers like Hamilton across America is to provide low-cost healthcare to their communities regardless of the patient’s ability to pay, their citizenship status, and whether or not they have health insurance in place. Like many of these health centers, Hamilton has safeguards in place to help ensure their patients are able to receive care despite barriers they may face. Some of these services Hamilton provides include a sliding scale fee based on income and family size, enrollment assistance into attaining county, state, or federal aided healthcare, and a homeless program to forgive costs to those who find themselves displaced.

Overall, Hamilton Community Health Network is here to help anyone regardless of ability to pay at any time of the year. We hope you can join us for our events so you can learn more about us. Stay tuned here and on our Facebook page as we share our events to celebration 2021 National Health Center Week.

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