New Patients

Welcome to Hamilton Community Health Network

Your New Medical Home

Thank you for choosing us as your new medical home! We have a team of comprehensive and caring medical providers and staff who will give you the best of care. Whether you are insured or uninsured, we are here to care for you and your family. We have affordable, total healthcare services which include medical, dental, vision, OB/Gyn, urology and behavioral health services to name a few for patients like YOU!

So, what is a medical home? A Medical Home is a partnership between you and your health care team to provide you with patient-centered medical care.  The team, lead by your Primary Care Provider, works with you to help you meet your health and wellness goals.

You should be assigned to one provider that is considered your Primary Care Provider (PCP) – this may be a Physician (doctor), Nurse Practitioner (NP), or Physician Assistant (PA). Most of your appointments should be with this PCP. However, on occasion, you may need to be seen on a day that your PCP is not available. There are other providers that will fill in and take care of your medical needs.

Medical Home is a designation given to clinics that meet certain quality standards of care.  All of our clinics have received this designation and given the gold seal of approval from the Joint Commission.

Your Medical Records

We use our electronic medical records system to keep your medical records centrally located in one place. We will ask you questions related to your medical history so that the information can be entered into your electronic chart. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Click here to view our Notice of Privacy and Patient Rights and Responsibilities.

If you have paperwork or forms that need to be completed by your provider, please bring the forms with you. There is often a physical exam that is necessary before a form can be completed. The provider may ask that you leave the form and we will call you when it is completed.


It helps us be more efficient with your care if you request all medication refills at the time of your visit. Check your medication bottles before your appointment so you know which of your medications need to be refilled. It is important to follow up with your healthcare provider in the timeframe that is suggested. Most providers will write prescriptions and enough refills to last until your next appointment.

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