Prevent the flu this holiday season

FLINT, MICH. - The flu season is well underway. One of the ways to prevent getting the nasty bug is to be cautious of how germs are spread, especially when you visit with friends and family over the holidays. Dr. Christina Gramith, DO at Hamilton's Main...

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‘Tis the season for Hamilton staff to give

FLINT, MICH. - In the days leading up to the Christmas holiday, Hamilton staff at multiple sites look for outlets to pour their hearts out and give. And they did just that, in many ways. To find out how the following sites gave to their...

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Children’s smiles bring tears to mother’s eyes

FLINT, MICH. -  “I’m holding tears back right now.” Sitting in the middle of Hamilton Community Health Network’s North Pointe Clinic conference room was a Christmas tree. Underneath it were three big green bags, designated for Lou Bertha and Dumane...

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Mom receives gifts while waiting for a special gift

FLINT, MICH. - Asia Anderson’s five-year-old daughter will get to unwrap her presents before her new baby brother. Anderson is at the end of her pregnancy, but with recent situations she is glad Hamilton Community Health Network is giving her daughter a...

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Sending magical wishes from Clio

CLIO, MICH. - As many children gear up for Christmas, one particular five-year-old patient has different mountains to climb this year. Hamilton Community Health Network’s Clio staff wanted to make Trinity’s holiday warm and magical. A few days...

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“Nobody should be hungry”

BURTON, MICH. - It was business as usual for social worker Eraina Poole, LMSW at Hamilton’s Burton clinic. She has been gathering food, bagging it and giving it to Hamilton patients for quite some time now, on her off days. On this particular Monday, just...

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