Fitness bridges family gap

Families who work out together is not something new, however, some fitness experts agree that it can be the perfect time to talk about topics that are awkward or sensitive. Marcie Hunter is a Health Educator for Hamilton Community Health Network and EnhancedFitness...

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It’s not easy: The breastfeeding journey

For some mothers, the connection between their breasts and baby’s appetite may happen instantly. For others, like Hamilton Community Health Network physician assistant Charisse Hook, day-to-day breastfeeding can be a bit of a struggle. “It’s a lot of hard work,”...

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A Healthy Cry

The way we see the world, starts with our vision. One Flint resident becomes overjoyed when she learns how Hamilton Community Health Network is able to help her get new glasses. Find out about the resource she is excited to utilize.

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Countdown to National Health Center Week 2017 Begins

  Hamilton Community Health Network (HCHN) invites you to celebrate National Health Center Week (NHCW) with us.  The national campaign runs August 13th-19th with the goal of raising awareness about the mission and accomplishments of America's Health Centers.  The...

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Flint Water Crisis – Latest Information

Announcement: To schedule lead testing call 810-406-4942 128 blood lead tests in Flint may not be accurate Lead Resources For the latest information on water distribution sites, flushing, and bottle recycling - visit TIPS to follow: It is...

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