It’s Time For Your Flu Shot

‘Tis the season for that flu virus to start inviting itself into your lungs and make itself at home for a few days. But you have the power to keep it at bay with the flu shot. This year experts say the flu will be more rampant or severe due to us being out and about more than last year and we’re not masking up as we did last year. Guess that means we will be sharing our germs more.

With our generosity to each other, this is the time to get your flu shot and protect yourself – and others – from that nasty respiratory flu bug that makes it difficult to breathe and can even lead to hospitalizations and death. Yes, the flu can be deadly for even healthy people, and for those with underlying conditions, it’s vital that you get a flu shot.

“People with asthma, heart disease, diabetes, or other chronic health conditions are at a higher risk of developing complications from the flu, along with pregnant women, children, and seniors,” said Kimberly Warden, LPN, and director of quality improvement at Hamilton Community Health Network.

She also corrected a few popular flu myths:

The flu shot does not give you the flu. The flu virus in the vaccine is ‘dead’ and therefore cannot infect you. If you get sick within a few days or so after getting a shot, you were previously exposed to the virus. Plus remember, you can get sick while the vaccine is building immunity, which can take up to 2 weeks.

The flu vaccine is safe. Influenza vaccines go through many tests each year to assure you are getting a safe vaccine.

It is not better to get the flu than the flu vaccine. The flu is a serious disease and can cause serious complications that can lead to death. Do not take the chance.

Kim Warden
Licensed Nurse Practitioner
Quality Control Director

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