Adult Primary Care

Regular health check-ups can help diagnose problems before they start, that’s why we recommend going to the doctor yearly to check your overall health and build a relationship with your doctor. This way you can manage your health before problems develop. This allows your doctor to know you when you’re feeling well and helps him or her when you’re feeling poorly.

We have a skilled staff of physicians who have come from all over the country to practice here at Hamilton. Plus, we have many clinicians and specialists from University of Michigan, Michigan Medicine, Ann Arbor, who hold clinics right here.

While seeing your doctor you can also complete your additional tests or lab work. Whether it’s an infection or sprain, a cold or sinus infection, a sore foot or managing chronic conditions like asthma, heart disease or diabetes, we can treat you.

Making an Appointment

We know some days you need to get in as soon as possible, whereas there are other times you can schedule your appointments months in advance. Either way, we can see you.

Most of our clinics take walk in patients beginning at 8 AM to 9 AM. Plus, we have evening appointments at our Main, Burton and North Point clinics throughout the week.

The best way to be seen is to either click here or call 810-406-4246 to make an appointment.

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