Our dental department offers infant, children, adult, geriatric and patients with limited mobility dental services. Our clinics have highly trained team members that include general dentistry, registered dental hygienists, and registered dental assistants. Prosthodontist, Periodontist, and an Oral Maxillofacial Pathologist are available to assist with oral health assessments, treatment planning, and oral health case management.

We offer the following dental services at THREE of our clinic locations.

Exams Periodontal Care Sealants
Fillings Bridges Root Canals
Biopsy Complete Dentures Space Maintainers
Teeth cleaning Fluoride Varnish Other Minor Surgical Procedures
Crowns Pulpotomy ZOOM! Whitening (in office)
Removable Partials Implants Simple & Surgical Tooth Removal

Expectant Mothers and Children Program

This program allows Hamilton’s dental program to utilize an additional Dental Hygienist outside the traditional dental clinic. This staff member collaborates with the medical team and educates expecting mothers and children about the importance of early oral health care. The Hygienist completes assessments, fluoride treatments and gives appointments and referrals for additional dental services.

*Child services are offered 

Root Canals (*pulpotomy) Space Maintainers* Biopsy
Fillings* Simple & Surgical Tooth Removal* Removable Partials
Crowns* Teeth cleaning Complete Dentures
Fluoride Varnish* Exams/Treatment Plans Implants
Sealants* Periodontal Care Bridges
Other Minor Surgical Procedures ZOOM! Whitening (in office)

For patient or visitor info, reach out to us.

Call us: (810) 406-4246.


fillings and teeth cleaning flint mi

My son-in-law was in excruciating pain from a dental condition and needed an emergency extraction, but he and my daughter did not have health insurance. He went to Hamilton and they took him right away, provided him with the proper anesthesia and gave excellent follow-up care. The people at Hamilton treated him like he was important, giving him compassionate, expedient, quality care. They treat everyone with respect at Hamilton Community Health Network.

Patricia U., Davison