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Let Us Help You Find Affordable Health Insurance Plans

Hamilton Community Health Network has Certified Application Counselors (CACs) who can assist you with your enrollment needs from signing up, to filing an appeal or exemption. Our CACs assist with Medicaid plans such as the Healthy Michigan Plan and MI-Child or Healthy Kids, the Genesee Health Plan, and the health plans offered on the Marketplace through the Affordable Care Act. Our enrollment staff will meet you at your nearest Hamilton clinic, sit down with you one-on-one to make sure you know all of your options, and help you make an informed and educated decision on your health care coverage. To make an appointment call 810-787-5097, or fill out the form below. You may also email our outreach team at

What You Need To Know About Health Insurance

When can I apply for health insurance?

You may enroll in Medicaid or CHIP at any time, and your coverage may begin immediately.

You may only apply for the Affordable Care Act health insurance through the Marketplace during an Open Enrollment period, unless you have a life event that qualifies you for a Special Enrollment Period. This includes changes in households, residence, or loss of health insurance, among other changes.

What is a premium?

A premium is the payment you are expected to pay your health insurance company every month for coverage. Your coverage will not start until you make your first payment.

What is a deductible?

Some insurances may not require a deductible. A deductible is the amount you are expected to pay out-of-pocket yearly for covered health care services, before your health insurance begins to pay for services. Your deductible may not apply to all of your health care services.

If you have a spend down on your Medicaid, you will have a deductible each month. This means you will have to pay the deductible before Medicaid coverage will begin for that month.

How can Hamilton’s Outreach and Enrollment Specialists help me get health insurance?

We are able to help you enroll yourself and your family into the Affordable Care Act health insurance plan of your choice, as well as Medicaid, MIChild and Healthy Kids. We can answer any questions and assist you if you need to switch from one plan to the other, or file an appeal. Call and make an appointment for one-on-one assistance: 810-787-5097.

Make an appointment with one of our Outreach and Enrollment Specialists

Our Enrollment Staff is Dedicated to Your Needs

We make sure your providers are in your plan’s network.

Be sure to mention any doctors you currently see. The enrollment specialist you meet with can help you pull up the preferred provider list to make sure your specialists and primary care physician are part of your plan’s network before you enroll.

We make sure your prescriptions are covered.

Our CACs will also show you how to access the prescription drug list, known as a Formulary, to ensure that your specific prescriptions will be covered on the health care plan you choose. So, do not hesitate to ask about your prescriptions when you meet with us.

We help you find additional benefits.

We can help with food and cash assistance and will work diligently to get you in touch with the community resources you need. We even have Community Health Workers on staff that are trained CACs and can assist those with transportation issues.

We make sure those affected by the Flint Water Crisis know what is available to them and their family.

Our Enrollment Specialists assist families to sign up for additional benefits though a Medicaid waver. This assistance is available to those who were affected by the Flint Water Crisis, are pregnant, age 21 and younger, that lived, worked, went to school or day care in Flint since April of 2014.

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